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Administration of Servers and Workstations


Management of IT infrastructure, network and support without limits.

It is common for organizations to be without the necessary in-house expertise for certain tasks that reside outside their core business. IT systems in particular, are a major area where our clients experienced this deficiency. With the IT experts provided by The Riggs Group, firms have the capability to solve any issues that arise with their existing network, computers, and integrated servers.

The team in the Riggs Group IT department has experienced, well trained professionals, with leading IT industry certifications including CompTIA Network+ and Security+, Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNP, among others, and whose expertise permit management of various classes of networks including:


Local Area Networks:
Local area networks (LAN) connect computers within your organization, such as rooms, offices, or buildings. LANs serve anywhere from single digits to thousands of users, allowing for shared connections, improved communication, and highly organized collaboration. Our technicians and deploy and configure LAN software and hardware, while maintaining and updating their features and functions.


Wide Area Networks:
A wide area network, or WAN, encompasses a large topographical area, connecting technology systems for private telecommunications. WANs unite LANs, often joining together organizations in distant sites. Our experts supervise the implementation and maintenance of WANs and monitor their security to safeguard customer’s data.


Virtual Private Networks:
A virtual private network, or VPN, piggy-back on public networks to share data, distribute private communication, connect remote users, and other critical activities. Our highly educated professionals install and manage VPNs, encrypt the data connections to guarantee safe transmission of electronic information and restrict unauthorized access. 



Our managed services involve providing our customers with supervision and administration of their hardware and software resources, and includes:

  • Conduct research on network products, services, protocols, and standards in support of network procurement and development efforts.

  • Supervise installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of end user workstation hardware, software, security and peripheral devices.

  • Define and implement network policies and security procedures.

  • Fully support, configure, maintain, secure, and upgrade the customer’s networks and in house servers including: application servers, web servers, email servers, and file servers.

  • Install and integrate new server hardware and applications. 

  • Troubleshoot servers, server-network interfaces, and server application issues. 

  • Support and administer varied third-party applications (incl. Symantec Enterprise, DELL OpenManage, Intuit QuickBooks, ProSystem)

  • Maintain IPsec/SSL VPN remote access systems. 

  • Set up user accounts, permissions and passwords on Windows servers and ensure network security, connectivity & performance. 

  • Provide technical support and guidance for users.




Since 2006, The Riggs Group has provided a wide variety of I.T. services to over 50 of our client companies, and had detailed, hands on experience with:

  • Planning, creating and managing I.T. infrastructure
  • Systems engineering and integration
  • Software procurement
  • Network administration
  • Helpdesk and technical support
  • Cybersecurity administration
  • I.T. hardware installation and configuration





To hear from one of our service representatives or receive a quote, please fill out our contact form, send us an email, or give us a call.

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